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Complete Destruction of Lichen, Mould, Seaweed and Fungus

Guard Anti-M24 is a preventive and curative treatment with long lasting action. Guard Anti-M24 destroys all parasitic vegetation which is then brushed off or ashed away by rain. It also prevents proliferation of mould and makes it difficult for it to grow.

Guard® Anti-M 24 is applied outdoors to all types of material, including terra cotta, slate, concrete, natural stone, asphalt, surfacing, wood, composite or synthetic materials, glass, fabrics, etc.

It can therefore be used to treat roofs, walls, balconies, fountains, monuments, fences, railings, decking, flagstones, boat hulls, awnings, tennis courts, etc.


1 litre, 5 litre and 30 litre container.


  • Per 1 litre: 50 to 6090 sq ft; 5 to 8 6 m².

Average figures given for reference only.

Properties :

  • Biocidal Action
  • Low VOC
  • Colourless does not modify appeareance
  • Easy & Quick to Apply
  • Ready-To-Use