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Water & oil repellent and anti-staining protecting marBle, granite and loW or very low porous materials

ProtectGuard MG Eco is a new generation water-based product that is significantly less hazardous than other products available in the market. Indeed, it is not classified as either corrosive or irritant.

  • ProtectGuard MG Eco is a product designed to protect low and very low porosity substrates. It prevents penetration by water, oil, grease, weak acids (fruit juice, ketchup, etc.) as well as all types of soiling.

  • ProtectGuard MG Eco is an impregnation, non film-forming product: treated materials remain permeable to air and water vapour.

  • ProtectGuard MG Eco is colourless and does not change the appearance or composition of the treated material. In addition, it is UV-resistant and does not discolor with age.


ProtectGuard MG Eco can be used inside and outside on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for treating all low and very low porous materials: marble, granite, ceramic, polished and crystallised surfaces, stoneware porcelain and all smooth mineral substrates, especially low porosity silica-limestone materials. ProtectGuard MG Eco is used for new and renovated constructions.

Chemical Nature

Water-borne fluorinated copolymer based.


750 ml, 2 and 5 litres.


750 ml, 2 and 5 litres.

Average figures given for reference only. The actual quantity of product needed depends on the substrate’s porosity.

Ecological Product

ProtectGuard MG Eco is :

  • Water-based product.
  • No petroleum-based solvents.
  • Silicone-free.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • More than 80% biodegradable.
  • VOCs < 30 g/L.