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Today, the building industry's impact on the environment ranges from energy consumption to waste products. Furthermore, products used for buildings, maintenance and cleaning are often too aggressive, or even toxic, to both humans and the environment. With this in mind, Guard Industrie has always argued and aimed for sustainable development. Killick Guard Specility Products is proud to contribute to sustainable development of the Indian Green Building Industry.

Guard Industrie is aware of today's environmental challenges and has developed a range of bio products. Products are generally:

  • water based
  • > 90% biodegradable (OECD norms)
  • Zero or very low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No solvent based thinner ; no silicone
  • Non-toxic ; non-dangerous
  • Non flammable

The eco-conception process developed for the ProtectGuard® range by Guard Industrie has been recognised with the “Éco Trophées 93” award, in the eco-products category. ProtectGuard® has less impact on the environment than other products throughout its lifecycle, whilst also maintaining prime performance immediately after application.
To enhance our eco-conception process, we have introduced a quality label system for part of our product range through the ‘NF Environnement’ norm and the European Eco-label.

Guard Industrie’s head of sustainable development & eco-conception analyses our product’s life cycle and their environmental impact and produces Environmental and Sanitary Data Sheets to reduce our products' impact on health and the environment.

The range of products have an exceptional lifespan, approximately x 3 times longer than other products available in the market. Buildings protected by our products age better and remain fresher looking and clean for a significantly longer period. Our products also reduce the amount of both water and chemicals that are used whilst renovating and maintaining building surfaces.

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