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The range of water and oil repellent products allows to protect building materials.
This surface application has many characteristics and advantages: water repellent, oil repellent, graffiti resistant, efflorescence and carbonations protection, chewing-gums and moss protection with application on : façade, floor, wall, roof, heritage buildings, concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, sandstone, mint, limestone, tiles, GRC etc. These products are biodegradable and silicon-free and offer a stain protection

ImperGuard BC

ImperGuard BC is a water-based product formulated to be applied on the back of the stones before use.

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ImperGuard SF

ImperGuard SF (special facades) is a high performance water-repellent product for protecting porous walls and facades from humidity.

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ImperGuard MG

ImperGuard MG is an extremely effective product for making marble, granite and all smooth low-porosity inorganic surfaces (especially low-porosity siliceous limestone materials) waterrepellent.

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Polish'Guard is a finishing wax that creates a high resistance wearing finish to all types of floors.

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