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Clean and Maintain

The range of ecological cleaners and strippers, stain and grease removers etc allows for easy cleaning and maintenance for all kind of substrates.
The range of products is specially suited for: Stone care, scale and calcium deposits remover, cement and plaster residues cleaner, grease remover, Painting stripper and moss killer.

Guard Remover Eco

Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is a powerful remover without dangerous acids that does not require neutralisation after use.

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Guard Wash

Guard Wash completely removes organic and microbiological soiling (greasy stains, pollution, moss, fungi, etc.) from all porous building materials.

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Guard Anti-M24

Guard Anti-M24 destroys all parasitic vegetation which is then brushed off or shed away by rain. It also prevents proliferation of mould and makes it difficult for it to grow.

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Guard Tech Remover

GTR Premium is a new-generation stripping product developed to meet the latest regulations.
GTR Premium is highly effective at removing concrete and cement residues and storage and demoulding oils.

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WoodGuard Revitalizer is formulated to revive the natural colour of wood. Its penetrating power works fast to remove cells damaged by time and bad weather, greying, dirt and stains, without affecting the natural colour of the wood.

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