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The range of building materials treatment allows finding innovating solutions for all kind of substrates : slip resistance / anti slip, mineralizing.
The properties of this range are particularly useful in treating different substrates in a manner to improve their workability.

Guard Slip Resistant

Many anti-slip products available in the market generally use hydrofluoric acid (hydrogen fluoride), in differing concentrations. This is an extremely corrosive acid that dissolves silica found in all mineral materials.

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Guard Hardener W

Guard Hardener W (water repellent) is a product for mineralising and treating efflorescence, saltpetre, friable materials damaged by intrusion of water, damp, frost...

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Guard Hardener RD

Guard Hardener RD (Rising Damp)is a product for treating humidity in walls, rising damp, efflorescence and surface salts. It dries and consolidates friable substrates damaged by intrusion of water and damp.

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Guard Hardener WO

Guard Hardener Water & Oil repellent is a product for consolidating inorganic, porous, poorly cohesive materials. It can also be used for restoring old monuments, fountains, cornices, and statuary in natural stone.

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