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Decorate And Protect

The decoration products colour and protect the building materials: water and oil repellent coloured stain, water & oil repellent with shining finish or flat finish.
This unique Lasure application is non film forming, unlike paint and is extremely long lasting and homogenises the aesthetics of the surface applied on such as concrete, cement boards, GRC, wood.  The range is generally meant for façade application and comes in many shades and colours for giving a special look and feel to the building substrate.

ProtectGuard Color

With its water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties, ProtectGuard Color offers total protection of porous construction substrates (cement, concrete, natural or artificial stone, ...).

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ProtectGuard Color TopCoat

ProtectGuard Color TopCoat is an anti-stain and anti-soiling coloured protection designed to homogenise the aesthetic aspect of vertical painted substrates that have deteriorated due to weather.

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ImperGuard Color

ImperGuard Color Second Coat is the second step of the ImperGuard® Color system.
This is a coloured water-repellent stain designed to be used after the application of ImperGuard® Color First Coat.

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ImperGuard Color Special Wood

ImperGuard Color Special Wood is a new-generation product for protecting and decorating bare or renovated wood. Consisting of mineral pigments, it can be used to embellish wood with many shades of colours.

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WoodGuard Color Professional

WoodGuard Color Professional is a new-generation product for the protection and decoration of bare and renovated wood. Composed of mineral pigments, it allows wood to be given subtly decorative tints.

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WoodGuard Color Antigraffiti

WoodGuard Color AntiGraffiti is a new-generation product for the protection and decoration of bare and renovated wood weatherboarding and vertical components.

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Decorative Concrete Guard

Decorative Concrete Guard includes three complimentary products offering an original and stable colouration, effective and long-lasting protection

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Decorative Concrete Guard HD

Decorative Concrete Guard Color improves the appearance of concrete and corrects colouring faults.

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