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Coloured high performance water-repellent A treatment that protects, decorates and embellishes porous building materials

ImperGuard Color Second Coat is the second step of the ImperGuard® Color system.
This is a coloured water-repellent stain designed to be used after the application of ImperGuard® Color First Coat.

1. Water-repellent
ImperGuard® Color Second Coat is a water-repellent product that durably protects materials against the harmful effects of humidity: infiltrations, acid rain, erosion, freeze/thaw cycle, moss and lichen growth, etc.

2. Coloured stain
ImperGuard Color Second Coat is a substrate stain well suited to concrete and limestone. Unlike a paint, it is a semi-transparent product which does not interfere with the inorganic nature of the materials. The final colour is dependent on the colour of the stain and the colour of the substrate.
ImperGuard Color Second Coat is an impregnation product, the substrate remains permeable to air and water vapour. Its very efficient adhesion properties prevent from peeling or blistering.


ImperGuard color Second Coat is used outdoors on vertical surfaces such as concrete, GRC, limestone and acrylic paint (carry out a preliminary test to check the compatibility.)


5 and 25 litres.

Available Colours
50 standard colours from thecolour chart. The final shade depends on the initial shade of the substrate. Customers’ own colours can also be incorporated in the laboratory or on site.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Gives colour to the substrate
  • Excellent adhesion properties.
  • Prevents penetration by water.
  • Limits recurrence of moss and lichen growth.
  • Prevents freeze/thaw damage.
  • Lets a surface breathe.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Ready to use.
Ecological Product

ProtectGuard Color is :

  • Water-based product.
  • Petroleum solvent and silicone free.
  • Safe and non toxic.
  • Biodegradable > 80%*.
  • VOC < 26 g/l*.