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The range of water and oil repellent products allows to protect building materials.
This surface application has many characteristics and advantages: water repellent, oil repellent, graffiti resistant, efflorescence and carbonations protection, chewing-gums and moss protection with application on : façade, floor, wall, roof, heritage buildings, concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, sandstone, mint, limestone, tiles, GRC etc. These products are biodegradable and silicon-free and offer a stain protection


ProtectGuard has established itself as the benchmark product for preventing degradation of porous materials (concrete, cement, natural or synthetic stone,..).

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ProtectGuard HD

ProtectGuard HD's exceptional penetration and resistance properties make it the ideal treatment for all porous materials (concrete, natural or synthetic stone, cement, ...) subject to heavy traffic.

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ProtectGuard WF Premium

ProtectGuard WF Premium gives porous and low-porosity mineral surfaces an intense "wet effect"; in other words, it restores and revives the original colour of surfaces.

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ProtectGuard MG

ProtectGuard MG is an extremely effective new generation water-repellent for the protection of low and very low porosity smooth mineral substrates.

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ProtectGuard TC

ProtectGuard Top Coat is a colourless anti-stain protection for vertical painted substrates.

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WoodGuard Professional

WoodGuard Professional is a new-generation product for protecting bare or renovated wood.

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ProtectGuard MG Eco

ProtectGuard MG Eco is a new generation water-based product that is significantly less hazardous than other products available in the market.

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TexGuard is the leading water repellent for the protection of all fabrics, rugs, carpets and even leather.

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ProtectGuard Dtox

ProtectGuard Dtox is an innovative product which combine water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-graffiti and pollution-removing properties.

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Protect Guard – Wet Look

ProtectGuard Wet Look protects all porous building materials by giving treated substrates a 'wet look' finish that enhances the original colour.

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